Covid-19 report

Post Covid 19 world

There is no denial that coronavirus will impact the world order but it cannot bring the end to the globalization as the world today is more entwined and complicated


Post Covid 19 world

Calamities shape societies. Systems are created and obliterated. Can the current world order which is based on the free movement of people, free trade, deregulated markets, minimum role of governments in economic activities, global supply chains and the excessive role of global financial institutions, withstand this pandemic? Voices have been surfaced about the end of globalization and the moving of the world towards the Westphalian nation-state system. Feeble health structures across the world have already exposed the hollowness of neoliberal economics. This pandemic will impact society in multiple ways but cannot bring end to globalization.

The coronavirus has abridged the movements of people across the globe. Borders have already been shut down to stop its further diffusion. Trade came to halt. Many believe that in the post-corona world, the movements of people would be limited. This argument has no solid foundations. The world came to this stage through the decades of globalization and it will take decades to go back to the Westphalian system. However, this pandemic will affect the free movement for a short period like that of capital flight during the recession but come to normalcy when the pandemic is over.

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