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Back in 2020, we shared 50 easy and affordable family dinner ideas. Recently, I asked on my facebook page If you have any other ideas for cheap dinner ideas people can make when they’re short on money. Here are 15 more ideas.

1. Seat Pan Dinner

There are many variations of a sheet pan dinner that you can make using anything you have at hand. Vegetables like loaf sausage, potatoes, carrots, peppers or onions can make a delicious sheet pan dinner. Learn more about how to make it here.

2. Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

This is always a great atmospheric lunch or dinner. Open a few cans of tomato soup (or make your own) Then use the cheese and bread you have to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

3. Dollar Tree Pizza

Becky submitted this idea. She said: “We buy a bottle of pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and any other toppings we like from Dollar Tree. It has become a popular and affordable product!”

(Pst! you can too Make Your Own Delicious Homemade Pizza Crust in minutes! for fun variations upside down pizza.)

4. Beans and Rice

Sharon shared on her Facebook page some tips on how to make seasoned beans and rice for an easy and affordable meal. “We make rice and beans in lumps and seasonings of our choice. Add only carrots, celery, onions, or pieces of meat (if available). It is very cheap to buy and use dry, non-canned beans in bulk. I get the biggest rice and bean bags I can find and then put them in 5 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids for long term storage. It’s also handy to have on hand in case of an emergency and provides affordable meals when needed.”

5. Fettuccine Alfredo

“If you’re already tired of other cheap dinners (hot dogs, red beans, rice or tacos), do Fettuccine Alfredo,” Melissa said on her Facebook page. this easy recipe And it’s cheaper and tastes better than a jar). Served with salad and grocery store-bought garlic bread for $1.”

Introducing healthy fettuccine alfredo recipes.

6. Pork Tenderloin

Claudine shared this idea. “Where I live, pork tenderloin is really cheap, so I put pork tenderloin in a pot with barbecue sauce. good sale). When cooked, shredded to make a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich for two of my family. We serve it with a little slaw. Homemade French Fries (Red-brown potatoes are cheap where I live, so I always have a few on hand.)

7. Egg rolls in a bowl

this is such different meal ideas — You can make it very quickly too. You can substitute your own vegetables and meat.

8. French Toast Casserole

9. Bean Burrito

Tortilla (or make your own) and stuffing with fried beans (or make your own) or black bean, onion, taco seasoning (or make your own) or salsa. Topped with cheese and heated for a quick and hearty dinner. Here are some simple recipes we used and loved.

10. Ground Turkey, Potatoes and Vegetables

Ashley: Ground turkey, diced sweet potatoes, and frozen corn! So nice and easy to make large batches. Very cheap. Tanya For this, add diced apples and onions and a little s&p.

11. Eat the Leftover Buffet

12. Fritata

Shannon: Fritata. All you need is 12 eggs, along with leftover cheese and leftover ingredients from the fridge. We use a small amount of shredded cheese, green onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, last dredging of bacon slices, and sometimes one leftover breakfast sausage. We also use the opportunity to throw in some leftovers. I’ve used Left O’Cef tacos, minced pork loin, minced beef, pulled pork, and even minced Left O’Cef hamburger patties. Mix everything with a drop of milk, add salt and pepper and bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes.

13. Mac & Cheese with Chicken or Beef

Lyra: Last night I made mac and cheese with chicken. I cut the onion into small pieces and fry them. I added 2 cups of minced rotisserie chicken. Season with salt, pepper and minced garlic. Make box mac and cheese according to the instructions on the packaging. When noodles are cooked, add powdered cheese according to packaging instructions. Then add the mac and cheese to the chicken and onion and stir together.

14. Burrito Bake

Kirsten: We call it burrito roasting. Tortillas, roasted beans, taco seasoning and cheese. Place on the same cake pan as lasagna and bake until cheese is melted.

15. Oatmeal Bar

Melissa: Oatmeal Bar! I make oatmeal in a large saucepan and add butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins, chopped apples and/or bananas. I started doing this a month or two ago and it was a hit! Cheap, fast, and most kids love it!

If money is tight, what’s a cheap dinner for your family?


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