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Wow! If you love reading, don’t miss the HOT deal on Amazon Book Sale that’s going on right now! (and must Free 2-month Kindle Unlimited Trial and 3-month free Audible trialdo!)

For a limited time, Amazon is back with a hit. Buy 2 books and sell 1 book for free! No promo code required. Just add three books to your cart and you’ll automatically get one free.

This is a rare offer and it’s the perfect time to buy or gift your favorite book! You can choose from over 1000 book titles, including your favorite ones.

plus, Many of these books are already on sale! Click “Books” in the left sidebar to view only the book titles.

Looking for recommended books? Here are a few books on sale that I have read and enjoyed in the past.

  • we were lucky – was less I gave it 5 stars as my favorite audiobook of 2021.! The film is based on the true story of a Jewish family scattered around the world during World War II. A deep, moving and heartbreaking story of love, family, and perseverance in the face of all odds.
  • things you can’t say — This was another one of my 2021 favorites about moms with kids on the autism spectrum. It’s a beautiful story.
  • forebrain child — This has been highly recommended by one of our children’s counselors and one of their therapists over the years and I finally read it. It is full of great suggestions and strategies to help our children process the world, relate better to others, and feel more loved and secure.
  • atomic habit — This is so far, A book about my favorite habits. I’ve read a lot of books on this subject and I feel that he has a very fresh and inspiring approach and the book has a lot of great chunks of truth and inspiration.
  • giver — I absolutely loved this story and it was one of my stories. 10 Favorite Books of 2017.
  • Forgive the Unforgettable – I recently We recorded a podcast with Lisa about this book., and I honestly feel it’s one of the most important podcasts I’ve ever done. And if your heart aches especially now, I think her words will be balm to your wounded soul.
  • braided – me Recent Interview Angie Smith, author of this book on my podcast. Angie is one of those people who is always honest and pleasant. Every time I’m with her she makes me think with her deep questions and makes me laugh until her tears come out with her funny stories! She is a great writer.

You can also choose from: Numerous popular children’s books! These would make a great gift for kids. Here are some examples:

there is also Tons of Variety of Little Golden Books Included in this sale. Search “golden” to find this deal!

Go here to browse all books included in this sale.

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