CVS CarePass: Extra $10 per Month + Other Special Offers!


if you Shop at CVS Often, you’ll want to check out the new CVS CarePass for special discounts you can earn every month!

CVS Care Pass

What is CVS CarePass?

care pass A new monthly membership program launched by CVS. For just $5 per month, you can enjoy:

  • $10 Extra Monthly Bucks Reward
  • Free Same Day Rx Shipping + Free 1-2 Days Shipping on Other Products
  • 20% off all CVS Health products
  • 24/7 pharmacist helpline
CVS $10 Monthly Reward

Is it worth the $5 monthly cost?

If you don’t shop often at CVS, it’s probably not worth signing up for. care pass. However, if you use CVS often and shop there often, the $10 monthly reward is well worth it!

You pay only $5 a month and get a $10 monthly reward that you can use on purchases of $10 or more. it is like Get $5 Free to Spend on CVS Every Month! (Rewards do not carry over, so be sure to use it every month. Use it or lose it!)

Apart from that, you can get many other perks, especially if you use pharmacy and OTC products.

CVS CarePass Shipping

Try it for free!

Right now, you can Try it for free for a month To see if you like it! And if you feel you’re not using enough, you can always cancel online.

If you’re not happy with the free trial, be sure to cancel before the second month’s fee is charged.

Go here to try CVS CarePass for free!


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