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Are you looking for a way to add divine encouragement to your home or decor? Remind yourself and your family that all you do is serve the Lord and bring glory to His name with these simple reminders.

Check these out for free fun Christian SVG cut files for download!

Funny Christian SVG files for free download

Creating an SVG is VERY fun and I wanted to create these images to use as a wonderful reminder to be encouraged on today’s spiritual walk !!!

SVGs are always there great and practical thing to own – you can put them on anything to personalize them and add a beautiful, decorative touch!

Here are some ideas on what to put these awesome SVG files on:

  • Put on handbags, wallets, glasses, pillows
  • Place for planners, magazines, binders covers
  • Handbags and backpacks
  • Wallets
  • Cups
  • Pillowcases for your living room or bedroom (a great way to show guests what you believe in when they come to visit!)
  • Planners and magazines
  • Binders and binders covers

You can also easily print them on canvas or plain white cardboard and frame, and then hang them around your home as beautiful wall art. They will be a wonderful reminder of why you and your family are doing what you are doing – to restore all glory to Him who made us.

After these items are made, you can also gift them – save money and offer a super thoughtful gift to a friend, family at church or family member. There are so many options for using these free SVG files!

Included SVG:

  • #Christian differences
  • The Lord will fight for you – Exodus 14:14
  • God does not prevent you from being created for a purpose
  • Love never fails
  • Believe in yourself, God works!
  • Always be joyful
  • But first, Christ
  • God is (circle with monogram) … Loving, Gentle, Patient, Righteous, Holy, Good, Kind

Funny Christian SVG files for free download

Download Funny Christian SVG files for free download here.

Hope you like these beautiful SVGs and create a lot of really cool stuff with them!

Need help uploading SVG to Cricut? click here to see our full tutorial!


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