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One of my girlfriends knows the cutest girl who is obsessed with unicorns. A little girl calls them “umicorns” … isn’t that the sweetest ?? !! But really, who doesn’t love a cute unicorn? Well, you’re in luck because this post will show you how to draw unicorns and man are they cute !!

How to draw unicorns

Unicorns are everywhere. There are so many party decorations, so many coloring pages, toys and clothes related to unicorns, and this tutorial will help you draw your own and use them in different ways.

Use it to create your own memory game

Draw unicorns on index cards, cardboard or plain paper, color them with different colors, at least 2 of the same color and TADA! – you have your own memory game!

Make your own cards

Use cardboard to draw them on the front, fold the card, write a cute note inside, and you’ve just gifted someone a treasure created entirely by you. How cool if you get your kids to do it and write notes to each other or to other people. It’s great to get them into the habit of doing good things just because.

Draw your own coloring pages

Whether it’s for fun or learning, these drawing tutorials are perfect for kids. If you’re home-schooled, it’s a simple and fun way to incorporate art into your learning. Even if your kids attend public school, your kids have a limited amount of time in art classes, and they’re great extras. Or just make them just for fun.

Create your own “Art Walk”

You and your children can do it together. Everyone draws their own unicorn and colors it. Use colored or construction paper to create “frames”. Then have each person hang a photo of themselves on your ‘Art Walk’. It can be anywhere – at home, in the backyard, in the park, anywhere it works. Make it fun and have a snack table where ‘patrons’ can choose to snack as they walk around and admire the works of art.

However you choose to use this tutorial, have fun with it!

How to draw unicorns

Download how to draw unicorns here.

How to draw unicorns


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