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Instagram is making changes to improve your user experience, but these customizations will also affect how you find and like your content – and how others find and view your posts. In the ever-changing realm of social media, where users are always influenced by the latest changes to Insta’s algorithms, further increasing your stats like engagement can be difficult. But much-liked content will always be needed

“As algorithms change, Insta will always focus on accounts and posts with high audience engagement. We find that when a photo or video begins to win hearts, more people see it and are eager to show that they like it. Getting involved is crucial to getting more attention to your post, which is why investing in social media promotions for starters is so helpful, says Catherine R. Caswell, founder Communities Grow. “This will improve your reach and increase your audience.”

Social networks are a fantastic source of information as well as a way to get to know the world and meet interesting people. It would be better if you use these social networks wisely so that they don’t become a malicious network for you. Of course, they cannot replace offline interpersonal communication or reading physical books. However, the internet is a great place to learn and grow.

Here are a few other things you need to know to get the most out of Instagram changes. Thanks to these tricks, your business will grow!

Views of the home page, favorites and followed channels

Instagram will offer followers three options to view content in their feed:

  • The Desktop the view is selected based on Instagram algorithms. It could be photos of dogs, videos of your favorite pop star, or posts about your favorite science fiction series. When you like posts, more will appear in your feed. IG suggests other content you might like based on the current channel, such as other science fiction shows, artists similar to your favorite singer, or posts about cats.
  • The Favorite the view is narrower and only shows posts from Instagram accounts that you have added to favorites. It’s great if you don’t want to miss any content from one or more bloggers and support their business with likes. There is no “suggested” content here, so the channel is more focused and some users may find it cleaner and more streamlined.
  • The Next view is suitable for people who want to see their content in chronological order. Basically, this feed shows posts from all accounts you follow, in the order they were posted. Some people like this option very much, but it is best for those who check in multiple times a day. If you only glance at IG occasionally and track more than a few accounts, it will likely be overwhelming and you won’t be able to go through all the posts.

How do I use these new feed views to promote my account?

This new setup offers more self-promotion options. It would help if you consistently engage with each new post. The most appropriate variant to make sure that you appear on the channel is to get a few likes at the beginning. There is range of companies providing such services. Nevertheless, you have a lot of work to do after that. Here are some ideas:

  • You can set up the Favorites view with accounts you want to follow for business or creative reasons. Suppose you are the owner of a local bakery. In that case, you can include other local food companies with whom you sometimes cross-promote or tag them in your posts to get more likes and other types of follower engagement.
  • You can also add profiles that inspire your creativity, such as popular cooking accounts. Then, if you can’t come up with any ideas for new content, you can scroll through and look for inspiration.
  • If you have a business where you work with many other businesses, you can create a Favorite list of these profiles to address the other business each day or simply not miss anything significant from them.
  • Your watchlist can include industry leaders or companies you are competing with, ensuring you never miss an update in your field. Don’t forget to make these IG pages like to see their posts more often.

But how do you get on other users’ watch or favorite lists?

This is a question on everyone’s mind. Instagram is a very busy place, so you need to make your profile stand out from all the rest. Here are some tips:

  • First, you need to have content that people want to watch. If all you do is try to sell a product or service, people will scroll. Nobody wants to watch commercials spool by spool. Remember the 80/20 rule – only 20 percent of your content should promote your brand or business. The rest should be entertaining or informative. Today this ratio may be different depending on the target audience and other factors, but it is necessary to focus on creating useful content more than promotional content; will bring you more Instagram likes from followers.
  • Pull back the veil and let your viewers see what you do at work or on a typical day. This might be of interest to Instagram viewers.
  • Doing “Ask Me Anything” in an IG live video is another cool idea, especially if you can come up with an interesting way to introduce yourself. For example: “I spent a year riding horses around the country. Ask me anything! “
  • Occasional music or satirical movies can also engage and keep people interested by giving you likes.
Photo by Keiry Burton from Pexels

Video, video, video

You’ll notice in the last list that we’ve focused a lot on Instagram videos. This is because the next shift on Instagram is a shift towards focusing your site on video rather than photography. Many users spend a lot of time wondering if they should be doing more Reels, IGTV or feed video, but now Instagram plans to put all video content in the same place. But it will still be helpful to combine different types of videos to reach more users and likes.

However, Instagram also spends a serious coin on Reels to compete with TikTok, the current king of short films. While you can continue to create longer videos, it would be wise to add at least a few short videos each week to help maintain your engagement level and take control of your likes.

Instagram in particular is heavily promoting its Remix feature to take on TikTok duos. This is an in-app editing feature that allows you to add your own video to another user’s existing video. For example, if you are trying to grow as an influencer, you can make a Remix you are trying on a product next to a brand video showing the product for comparison. This offers great opportunities for comedy and gaining new audiences, people who liked the original movie.

Final thoughts

The tips above are great for attracting people to your content and getting new stats on social media. There are many other ways to increase yours or yours business’ reach for Instagram than I mentioned. However, implementing the provided hacks will definitely improve your stats and make your followers give you much more likes.

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