Kindle Unlimited Trial | 2-month free subscription (700,000 ebooks!)


If you want to try Kindle Unlimited, don’t miss out on this free 2-month Kindle Unlimited Trial! This is a great opportunity to Get great reading scores for free..

Sign up now to get it. Free 2 month subscription To Kindle Unlimited! And the best part is, you can take advantage of this deal even if you have signed up in the past!

Kindle Unlimited is usually priced at $9.99 per month, so a rare discount of $19.98 and a fantastic deal!!

time sign up for this dealOver 700,000 eBooks and thousands of audiobooks, all for free!

Dear Bob and Sue Audiobook

Available books change quite often, but now dear rice and water — One of my favorite audiobooks! it inspired me I would like to visit all national parks!

Free 2-month Kindle Unlimited Trial

Interested in this deal? Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a two-month free Kindle Unlimited subscription
  • Click the Kindle Unlimited tab in the Amazon bar to browse available titles (you can search individually or sort by genre).
  • You can add up to 10 titles at a time to your Kindle Unlimited account.
  • After reading the book, return it and borrow another book.
  • The free Kindle app lets you read or listen to titles on any device.
  • You must cancel your subscription before the two-month subscription expires. Otherwise, you will be charged $9.99 per month.

my top recommended book

Another suggestion for a great book to read for free with the Kindle Unlimited Trial?

We took a look at the currently available books and picked some of our favourites.

  • Gospel Primer — I firmly believe that the life of any Christian can be profoundly affected by a slow reading of this book. More than ever, we will challenge you to truly understand, understand, and live in the light of the gospel.
  • god smuggler — This was one of my favorite books as a teenager.
  • I’d rather read — I enjoyed this short book by Anne Bogel.
  • green amber — We enjoyed reading this book aloud to our children when they were young.
  • start over — This book touched me on a deep level. It felt so vivid, honest, fragile, yet beautiful, rich, and inspiring. I didn’t want it to end.
  • under the red sky — This has been on my list of books to read for a long time!

I’d love to know what other books you can read for free in this Kindle Unlimited Trial!

Go here to sign up for a two-month free subscription!


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