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This is the podcast broadcast that many of you have been waiting for! We not only share about Micah’s birth (after all, it was the easiest, least eventful, and earliest of all my births), but also the birth and eventful days of her birth (such as an infant poop explosion and leaving for a baseball tournament). half family!)

Jesse and I didn’t talk ahead of time about what we’re going to share. Because I wanted this episode to be very vivid and unedited, so I could document fresh thoughts about the birth that Micah would share with Micah someday when she gets older. . So we hope this will be like sitting in the living room chatting with us as we share our thoughts, feelings and perspectives on this big event in our family.

in this episode

[00:34] – Welcome to another episode of The Crystal Pain Show.

[00:57] Today we share the story of Mika’s birth.

[02:43] – I had several ultrasounds until the birth and we decided to lead me.

[04:47] – Jessie and I prayed for natural labor pains during the two weeks before the enlistment date.

[04:54] One week before induction, baby D was seriously ill.

[09:22] Another reason I prayed to go early was the upcoming tournament.

[11:16] My Instagram profile features highlights from my entire experience before and during being called “My Birth.”

[13:54] My hope was that it was as natural and completely present as possible.

[16:36] Always advocate for what the hospital needs.

[18:40] – I was there and knew everything going on and talked between contractions.

[19:29] – It felt like a natural contraction versus a phytocin contraction. It was such a gift, as there was very little pain between contractions.

[21:51] I tried to focus and lean on the Lord through a few intense contractions.

[22:20] Jesse and I joke about the male birth perspective.

[23:27] I was still not ready to push.

[25:04] My preferred method of childbirth is always hand and knee.

[27:20] – It was at this surreal moment that he came out because I think. Because I didn’t think he was ready to come out and I thought he was there.

[29:59] – So instead of admiring our beautiful newborn baby, we are trying to figure out what to do about this shit explosion.

[31:20] It was a wonderful birthing experience, especially after a difficult pregnancy.

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