This week’s $64 Kroger shopping trip (+ what we ate)

I was very excited about this strawberry deal at Kroger last week. 2 pounds for $2.97! stocked up!

I also found quite a bit of markdown!

And I was happy about the little cereal deal!

Chili is good too! $1.47/bag!

Bought this for a total of $64!

We ate lots of strawberries for snacks!

This is my recent lunch look.

I had tacos on a Tuesday night as I had the freezer roast pork from a price cut a few weeks ago.

And we grilled burgers one night and had double-baked potatoes, roasted broccoli, and strawberries.

We went to Cracker Barrel on Sunday for Mother’s Day/Silas’ birthday. After a long time, the whole family went to a sit-down restaurant together!

Also had a breakfast burrito for dinner this week. They were delicious!

And we left food for one night as usual. I set all odds and ends in the fridge and everyone makes their own plates according to what they want to eat.

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